Wilkes Disc Golf ClubJoining our club is as easy as submitting an application and paying the $7 dues. An annual membership includes a life-time member number (# never changes, but must be renewed annually.) You keep your same member number for life. Your bag-tag number may change based on the tournaments you play in or challenges you win/lose. Lifetime memberships are available for $150 (per individual). Bag tags are typically for players of disc golf, so, they aren't included in the $7 membership fee, but are only $3.


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The classes, rights, privileges, qualifications and obligations of members of this not-for-profit corporation are as follows:


- To assist in setup, design and construction of any public or private disc golf courses in Wilkes County (as needed)

- To access all participating public and private disc golf courses in Wilkes County (and surrounding counties) with membership id or bag tag

- To help organize the maintenance of any public Wilkes county disc golf course(s)

- To participate in all organization functions, including weekly tournaments, fun rounds, practice/training sessions and member parties

- To vote on the members of the board of directors during the election (elections held as required to have 7 directors at all times)

- To vote on any other election designed and implemented by the board

- To voice opinions and desires at monthly board/member meetings

- To amend any Bylaw of the corporation by submitting a written petition signed by 65% (or more) of active members or through an election consented by board

- To have access to all Wilkes County Disc Golf Club corporate information

- To receive emails regarding association/club information and updates via WilkesDiscGolf.org To receive any benefits offered to all club members; club mini discs, discounted entries, merchandise discounts, etc.



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