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Bag Tag Challenge

The Wilkes County Disc Golf Club is offering 2010 bag tag challenge tags as an add-on to membership for 2010. Read hear what a bag tag is and how the bag tag challenge works, the purpose of the bag tag challenge and how to purchase your WCDGC bag tag.

How a Challenge Works:

1) You receive an individually numbered "bag tag" with your membership after paying an additional $3. Our 2010 tags are flexible vinyl tags with grommets and carabineers. They are printed in full color with their individual numbers printed on them.

2) You put your WCDGC bag tag up against another player who has a WCDGC bag tag. This can occur in a tournament (where all tags go into one "pool"), in a heads-up challenge (one on one in a casual round of disc golf) or in any "competition" you deem challenging enough to put your tag up for grabs; long drives, CTP (closest to the pin), four-sums, etc.

3) The best score of the round receives the lowest tag # up for grabs. Each higher numbered tag is then handed out as each player finished the round (next lowest score receives the lowest tag remaining - until all tags are handed back out). In challenge play, you either improve your tag, lose ground or keep the same tag. In the event of a tie, the lowest tag goes to the person who starter with a lower number.

How Much Does a Bag Tag Cost?

The Wilkes County Disc Golf Club bag tags are an add-on ($3) to the annual membership which is, this year, $7. For a total of $10.

If we have 100 members in 2010, our club will raise over $250 from this bag tag project.

So, What's the Purpose of Bag Tags?

Bag tags are a great fundraising project for new (or existing) disc golf clubs. We will be using the funds raised from our bag-tags/memberships to (A) pay off the cost of the tags and carabiners, (B) purchase disc golf goals for club events/use, (C) purchase any disc golf equipment needed for the club and/or (D) purchase any supplies needed for the club; cement, signs, etc.

Note: Our club does not have any paid officers, members or employees. We function as a non-profit and are begining the registration process as a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity. We promise, swear and choose to use funds raised for the club's purposes and not for ourselves. No monies will be "pocketed", spent frivilously or embezzled from the club by its members, organizers or directors. In other words, the $$$ you invest in this club will be used to improve this club for you - its disc golfin' members - and all of Wilkes County!

Bag tag challenges are also FUN! The challenge is to see "just how low you can go"... can you be #1? Are you in the middle of the pack? Or do you simply slide in near the end each time (like I do in Yadkinville tag events)?

Also, you can challenge yourself to see how you can improve your tag. Don't gun for #1... try to move up from tag #48 to #45. But don't sit and think, "Oh, I don't want to lose it, so I'm not even going to play for it" - that's where the rules and requirements come in.

Do you have to accept a challenge? Yes! A challenge on the course is almost always a required "yes" — especially if starting at the same time or playing in the same group (especially if in a two-some or four-some) - doubles events don't count. However, there are cases where time doesn't allow or other variables where you can say "no".

For example; you're on hole 10 and someone challenges you from #1? If you won't have time to replay the full 18 (replaying the 9 you have already played), say "no". However, if they challenge you for the back nine only... you should accept. You are already warmed up and its the basic function of the bag-tag challenge (to challenge and be challenged). A challenge by phone or email is not a required yes (or reportable as a repeating offender of "no"). If you see them on the course or play with them often and they won't accept your challenge; they aren't accepting of the basis of the game and should be reported.

You can't simply accept challenges from those you know you can beat and you should challenge those you don't think you can win against. You must accept any and all face to face challenges that are made pre-round. It's how we'll get the true break-down of where our bag-tag standings end up.

Example; The Panthers can't simply decline playing the Dolphins just because they know they'll lose... we can't allow that to occur in our disc golf club either.

The entire point of the bag-tag challenge is to see how low/high in bag-tag numbers you will go... not by simply "sitting on" a particular number, but by challenging and being challenged. If you are a repeat offender of saying "no", the club has the right to request your tag to be turned in and reissue a higher number to you - we will never leave someone tag-less (that's for t-shirts only). This policy is the only way to keep someone from sitting on low tags.

Please report any "repeat offenders" via our contact page - not by phone - having it in writing is always best (you can/will remain anonymous, however). The repeat offender will first receive a warning via phone and/or email, but upon a second report (or lack of increase in their BT Challenges Faced number over a 1 month period, we reserve the right to take action by removing the non-challenged bag-tag from play. We will then reenter it into play (and remove the highest tag) at the very next bag tag challenge event. This keeps things fair for everyone. We don't want any squatters on the lowest tags or any tag for that matter.

All in all, the goal is to challenge for those tags, accept most any challenges offered and not sit on your bag-tag number just because you "like it".

You may not be "good enough" to play for the tag yet, but you aren't "exempt" and allowed to simply sit on it either.

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