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Wilkes County Disc Golf Club Ace Pool & Tourney Fees - Make an Ace; Win a Prize

If you make an ace (hole-in-one) in an event that is ace-pool-enabled, you have the opportunity to win a prize through our Ace Pool promotion. That prize varies based on the amount paid into the pool via our tournament fees and based on the current amount put up by the club directors.

Current Singles
Ace Pool Value:



Total collected/paid is below. Current prize value is above. Reserve (if any) is at right.

$15   10/30/09 OctGloBer - FW #1
$12   11/14/09 Yadkin - FW #2
$11   11/28/09 Thanksgiving - FW #3
$05   12/12/09 FW #4 at Ashe
$02   12/16/09 Tracy M (put us to $45)
$09   12/26/09 Christmas Trny - FW #5
$14   01/09/10 New Year - FW #6
$16   01/23/10 Ramcat Ridge - FW #7
$09   02/06/10 PreValentine - FW #8
$12   02/20/10 MardiGras Ydkn - FW #9
$10   03/06/10 Champ Event - FW #10
$14   04/03/10 Easter Event - SS #1
$11   04/17/10 Tax Day Tourney - SS #2
$15   05/01/10 Lei Day Tourney - SS #3
$12   05/15/10 Armd Frces Day - SS #4
$17   05/29/10 JFK Day - SS #5
$12   06/12/10 Iced Tea Day - SS #6
$20   06/26/10 UFO Day - SS #7
$00   07/10/10 Throwdown - SS #8
$04   07/24/10 Knotty Pnes - SS #9
$14   09/11/10 Pecan Field - SS #10
$56   11/06/10 H! H! Grand Opening

$290  Total Collected into Ace Pool
-$50   Moved to Doubles Ace Pool = $240

$240  Total Within Singles Ace Pool
-$40   Moved to Doubles Ace Pool = $200

Current Doubles
Ace Pool Value:



Total collected/paid is below. Current prize value is above. Reserve (if any) is at right.

$50   11/07/10 Moved From Singles AP
$03   11/13/10 NSRD Tourney
$05   11/27/10 NSRD Tourney
$58   11/27/10 Scott Harless Aced #15
$40   01/04/11 Moved From Singles AP

In WCDGC tournaments we will collect an entry fee; likely $7. The fee will vary depending on the size and type of tournament and will be announced prior to the event (with its PBA breakdown). Each tourney/event fee will cover the following things:

PLASTIC: "P" goes toward the prizes for winners; Discs are normally given out to the top 1, 2 or 3 players; according to attendance at the event. The tournament director reserves the right to split the individuals into AMish and PROish divisions and split the prizes among the divisions proportionate to each group's number of players. Example; 12 AMs and 8 PROs; 60% of prizes to AMs and 40% to PROs. In most cases, the tournament director will split the group/prizes 50-50 for fairness sake, but this isn't always possible.

BUDGET: "B" goes toward the WCDGC operating budget; this money is for club fees, purchases and expenses. The monies taken in and spent are listed on our finance tracking page.

ACES: "A" goes toward our ace pool; a separate division of the WCDGC funds/budget that is set aside for club event/tournament aces (holes-in-one). This prize amount is paid to any member who makes an ace during a club event that is ace-pool enabled (fun-rounds and practice are only included when an ace pool is offered pre-round by the event director for a fee).

To win the ace pool, you MUST BE A WCDGC active member (membership is $7 & an application is posted here) and must pay the Ace Pool fee and any tourney fees prior to the event. Guests may opt to pay their membership fee post-ace by having $7 deducted from their prize winnings (ace pool fee must be paid pre-round).

CTPS (optional): "C" goes toward the payout for any cash-CTP in that tourney ; this money is paid as a cash prize to the player(s) who's first shot lands closest to the goal/pole.

*ACE POOL FINE PRINT: In the event of an ace in a ace-pool-enabled event (ace-pool fee was paid by the acer pre-round), the member making the ace (the acer) must record the ace on their score card and it must be initialed by two other players.

In the event of two or more aces in one round of golf, the ace pool will be split (equally) among the acing members. The ace pool will then reset to $25 (the default/base value) following that round of the tournament. If the acer was a non-member/guest prior to the round and did pay the ace-pool fee pre-round, their membership dues will be deducted fromt their prize money to guarantee the "members only" provision of our ace-pool guidelines.

In the event of two aces by one person in one round, they will receive the ace-pool prize and an additional $25 base value prize as well. The base value would be paid out for all further aces in a round by that individual.

In the event of multiple aces by one person in one round and other players with one ace, they will each take their part of the original ace-pool prize and then the multiple acer will receive their additional $25 base value prize (for each further ace).

Multiple players with multiple aces will split all their prizes proportiately to their respective ace-count. (Far from likely, but you never know...)

The $25 base-value must be met prior to any increase in prize value; for example; twenty-five $1 ace-pool fees must be paid prior to the prize pool going to $26. The base value is simply the set minimum you can win in a WCDGC ace-pool-enabled event. At any point an ace-pool-ace is hit prior to reaching a "true" value of $25 (having $25 paid into the pool), the negative ace-pool balance will be covered/paid by the WCDGC operating budget as a loan to the ace-pool.

For example; an ace is hit, thus wiping out the current ace pool. The pool's payout is reset to $25. The following tournament has 9 players who each pay $1 toward the ace pool ($9). An ace is hit and the $25 prize is paid out. This leaves a negative ace-pool balance of $16 ($9 minus $25). This negative balance will be paid off by a loan from the club's operating budget. After the ace pool reaches a true value of $25 again ($25 has been paid in), this "loan" will begin being paid off by any additional ace-pool fees collected. Each additional dollar (beyond $25) will go toward the deficite; until $16 have been paid back ($41 collected into the ace pool fund); at that point, the ace-pool will continue to grow as normal.

Any ace made must be witnessed by at least two other members or reputable guests in good standing with the WCDGC. They must initial the card prior to payout being made. The acer must be a member of the Wilkes County Disc Golf Club or their dues will be deducted from their ace pool prize payout ($7).

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