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About Disc Golf

What is Disc Golf?

Well, it's exactly as the name says... "golf" that you play with "discs". It is a very fun, very affordable and very, very addictive alternative to "ball golf" (the one played with clubs and dimpled balls). It has its own variations, challenges and aspects, but in general is very similar to its name-sake. The courses are smaller and shorter than "ball golf" courses — disc golf holes average 200 to 250 feet per hole instead of 250 to 300 yards (750 to 900 feet) on "ball golf" courses. But discs thrown by hand typically don't fly as far as balls struck with clubs.

IMPORTANT: It is NOT "Frisbee Golf". Calling "disc golf" by that name is like calling any ol' "facial tissue" a "Kleenex". "Frisbee®" is a trademarked brand. The southern dialect makes the term "disc golf" very difficult to understand at times. But disc golf is the game we play... we do (at times) call it "Frisbee Golf" to make it more clear to those that may be new to the sport what we're talking about, but for the most part, we try to avoid the "Frisbee" term all together.

Disc Golf: A General Overview... YouTube Style...

How Do You Play?

As seen above, disc golf can be played on a course or simply anywhere you have a goal. That goal can be a basket (goal, disc trap, Pole Hole, DisCatcher, etc) or simply a target of your choosing; trees, poles, posts or stumps work well - even an unoccupied porta-potty may work.

The goal is to get from the "tee " to the "hole" in as few strokes as possible. Most often, you are competing against other players' scores - either in a tournament or a small group. The lowest score for the round (typically 9 or 18 holes) wins.

Shots are made with three types of discs; drivers (long range shots), mid-range discs and putters (approach discs). Discs cost from $7 to $20+. You can play disc golf with as few as one disc or as many as 30+. Professional players (yes, there are professional disc golfers) play with very large bags (worn like back-packs) that carry as many as 35 discs.

Whether you choose to start playing with one disc or a set of three, once you start, you'll be hooked. Then you'll begin "playing around" with different discs that can; turn right, turn left, go straight, roll, etc. The game has enough variables that you can spend years simply learning how you play best. Making your first "ace" (hole in one) or long distance shot will simply feed your need for disc golf.

Interested in Playing?

Think this game looks/sounds like fun? Well, we do too. Thus the creation of this club. We hope you'll join us for our next event, buy a bag tag or contact us for more information.

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